Well hi there! I’m very happy you found your way to my website!

This is the place! This is where you can find some of my crazy art I work on.

Well, I guess I should tell you something about my self. 

I’m 38 years old, I live in Gothenburg, Sweden, I have a great family, a beautiful wife, crazy little 5 year old with a lot of energy, a cute little dog, a house and some nice neighbours ….sounds great right??? Well….it is, but let me till you how I got there.

Let me tell you something about me.

I came to Sweden as a 10 year old refugee, with my mom, dad, big brother and sister. We moved from camp to camp. We had no money and nothing to do besides learning the language, so me and my brother started to of draw (alot) I guess we both found comfort and some sense of security in art and escape the reality from time to time.

Fast forward a couple of years. I’m going to school and having these art classes and I’m doing great, easy peasy! But never in my life would I consider doing it professionally. Who knew right? I did some art classes after college too and I liked architecture , but I ended up study graphic design at a university…..and then…


I don’t know what the hell happened but I fell into some kind of depression, I had anxiety and lost my self esteem and was feeling like shit. I felt like I failed and didn’t know what to do. I could not find a job cos of it and it made me feel even worse.  Don’t know why but I bought a couple of canvases and acrylics and started painting. I have not been painting for years now so I didn’t expect much. 


When I started painting, something happened. I painted this woman with a crazy hair and I felt like I could express my feelings and my self through the splatters and colors.  I found this comfort again when I was 10 and I honestly feel art saved my life from that point on. It just became a full circle and this is how my art career started. 

After my first sold painting I dove right into it, I was a full time artist right away.  It’s been tough figuring out everything on my own and navigate the art world at the same time I’m working on my self, to be better, to feel happiness and joy again. I feel like my art and I grew up together. 

I’m truly grateful for all the people that I’ve met, a lot of my customers became my friends over the years and I just love creating art that people fall in love with and want to hang up my work in their homes. I’m no the type of artist that will write a bunch of nonsense and make a list of exhibitions to sell my self. There is no need to sell anything. I honestly don’t put out articles about me, or where I did my exhibitions or charity work I did. I let my work do the speaking. It feels more real that way. 

What you see is what you get. My art is not for everyone, but for those who get a taste of it and understand it will love it =) 

Well, you made it this so thank you! I hope that my my art can inspire you to be better, to be happy, to fight, cos my art is very personal, it means the world to me, and I hope you can find something of my works that means something to you as well.

    Till kassan