Hi and welcome to my creative space!

My name is Edin Dzanic

I am a creative, bold visual artist with a passion for creating vibrant works of art using acrylic paints and splatters. I am inspired by the world around me , all the beautiful colors, shapes, textures and of course beautiful woman. I strive to create visually stunning pieces that capture the beauty of the world and tell a story with each brush stroke. 

I have been creating art proffessionaly for the past 13 years. There are many ways to describe my art but I would say that my main focus is to create uniqe, expressive and captivating works of art.  My themes are often woman with strong, powerful poses.

I'm driven by my passion for self-expression, for freedom and to create art that are both visually beautiful but also powerful in their way. My art is a reflection of my own life and experiences and I have a deep appreciation for the beauty around me and I'm always pushing the boundaries of whats possible and to create unique artworks.

My journey started when I was a 10 year old refugree and came to Sweden from Bosnia. Moving from place to place I always found comfort in creating art and 30 years later thats still my way of telling my story. I hope that you like my works and that you can find a connection with my crazy and beautiful creations. 


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